Buffalo Bills make jump in latest AFC power rankings after dominating Cowboys

Buffalo Bills
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13. Las Vegas Raiders (6 - 8) 

What is going on this year with the Raiders? One week they lost to the Minnesota Vikings by a 3 - 0 score, then the next week, they put up 63 in a dominating win against the Chargers. I hope the Raiders keep Antonio Pierce as the head coach though. The team seems to respond well to him and plays hard. The question this offseason for the Raiders will be whether they believe Aidan O'Connell is the future or if they will target a quarterback in next year's draft.

12. Tennessee Titans (5 - 9) 

I think the Titans have their future quarterback in Will Levis. He's played well in his rookie season, and I wonder if the Titans would have won a couple more games this season, had they gone with Levis from the start. He brings a physicality to the position; however, it won't be long before fans and media start telling him to learn to slide or get out of bounds, the same they do with Josh Allen. Tennessee couldn't pull it out against the Texans this week, in a nailbiter and lost by a score of 19 - 16. The Titans still have some rebuilding to do but they are a competitive team.

11. Pittsburgh Steelers (7 - 7)

Wow, the Steelers have done a complete 180 over the last few weeks. It wasn't that long ago that they were sitting in the fifth seed in the playoffs with a 7 - 4 record. Three games later and three losses, they now sit in the tenth spot in the AFC. The Colts had their way with Pittsburgh, with the Steelers losing 30 - 13 and that was after they took an early 13 - 0 lead.