Buffalo Bills make jump in latest AFC power rankings after dominating Cowboys

Buffalo Bills
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16. Los Angeles Chargers (5 - 9)

I realize the Chargers have more wins this season than the Patriots but is there seriously a worse team right now than the Chargers? They were crushed by the Raiders by a score of 63 - 21. They are bad, plain and simple. Justin Herbert is out, and so is their former head coach, Brandon Staley. Personally, Staley should have been gone months ago. The team appointed linebackers coach Giff Smith as the interim head coach and will now face the surging Bills on Saturday.

15. New England Patriots (3 - 11)

The Patriots had the Chiefs down at one point, 10 - 7 but couldn't hold on. The Chiefs proceeded to outscore New England 20 - 7 after that. New England is still one of the worst teams in the league and now rumors are swirling about Coach Belichick leaving the team after this season. It will be very interesting to see if he does and where he might coach in 2024.

14. New York Jets (5 - 9) 

The Jets were blanked by the Miami Dolphins, who aren't exactly a juggernaut of a defense, but this Jets team is abysmal on offense. I don't even think Aaron Rodgers could have saved the Jets this season, due to their offensive line and I don't see Rodgers trying to come back this season. Why risk further injury behind a suspect offensive line? Also, Coach Saleh should be on the hot seat, period.