Buffalo Bills make Dion Dawkins fourth highest paid tackle in the NFL

Dion Dawkins had Bills Mafia ready to riot but then.........
Dion Dawkins
Dion Dawkins / Lauren Leigh Bacho/GettyImages

Bills Mafia loves Dion Dawkins, there is no question about that. But right now, the entire fan base is very angry with him, while being very happy simultaneously. Earlier in the week, Dawkins posted a cryptic tweet saying Buffalo was his forever home, then followed that up with another post today, indicating he was headed elsewhere.

Shortly after his last message, Adam Schefter reported a contract extension for Dion Dawkins, agreeing to a new three-year deal worth $60.5 million, which should make him the fourth highest-paid left tackle in the league. It's well deserved too, as protecting Josh Allen's blindside is vital to the success of the Buffalo Bills.

The Bills offensive line last season, was the best line that Allen has had since he arrived in Buffalo in 2018 and Dawkins is a huge part of that. Dawkins is a fan-favorite and hopefully will retire a Bills one day, but for now, he's inked for the next three seasons. The extension should also free up more money for Brandon Beane to with as free agency gets rolling.

What does this mean for the Buffalo Bills?

This is the second contract news of the day, with Dawson Knox reworking his deal to help the team as well. What does all this mean for the Buffalo Bills? So far, we don't know but I wouldn't be surprised if Beane is positioning himself for a big free agent move. If so, I don't know who that might be but with the NFL Draft a month and a half away, there is still a lot of news that will be coming out between now and then. Beane has been masterful in his tenure with the Bills, and he's got something cooking.


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