5 Buffalo Bills games that could define Josh Allen's 2024 season

Every season, the Bills fans circle a handful of games on the new schedule. These are the games they are looking forward to and often believe to be make or break type games. We have five games circled here that could define Josh Allen's 2024 season.
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Week 5: at Houston Texans

I circled this game for season-defining games for Keon Coleman as well, and I think the reasons are obvious.  The showdown between Allen and Diggs will be the most talked-about storyline of this game.  I’m surprised the schedule makers didn’t put this one in a primetime slot, but instead, it’s a casual 1 pm et Sunday game.  This won’t stop fans and media alike from breaking this matchup down in every way possible.  Coleman will be looked at as Diggs's replacement, whether that is a fair comparison is irrelevant.  That is how folks will view him.  For Allen, the question will be who made who.  Diggs wasn’t an All-Pro until he was paired up with Allen, but Allen wasn’t scoring touchdowns and leading the Bills to the division title or playoffs until Diggs showed up.

I guarantee you that Allen will be fired up for this game and ready to show the world he doesn’t need Diggs, even though we know how Diggs feels about that.  If Allen goes out and puts up gaudy numbers in a win, it could finally close the door on the drama Diggs brought to Buffalo the last few years.  I think these two need to meet head to head on the gridiron if we are to ever truly move on from this conversation.