Buffalo Bills get back to winning and rise in latest AFC power poll

Buffalo Bills
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The Buffalo Bills got back to their winning ways but was it an overly impressive win? In some ways, yes but they still left la lot of points on the field and will need to find those points this week against the Cincinnati Bengals. Speaking of the Bengals, they just defeated the San Francisco 49ers in convincing fashion and they seem to have done a complete 180 from the first few weeks of the season.

The Miami Dolphins won again, another win against another team with a losing record. But hey, they win the ones they are supposed to win, so props to them I suppose. The Denver Broncos have somehow won three games this season, including a shocker against the Kansas City Chiefs. Oddly enough, the Chiefs look the best they've looked all season two weeks ago, only to follow that up with this loss against the Broncos.

The Houston Texans were a team on the rise, only to fall against the league's only winless team. The Pittsburgh Steelers lost as well and the AFC continues to seem to be up and down, except for one team. There is one team that started the year slow but has since been on a roll and continues to win week after week.

Here are my AFC power rankings.