6 takeaways from the first half of the Buffalo Bills 2023 season

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We're at the halfway-ish point of the season and the Buffalo Bills currently sit in second place in the division at 5 - 3, just behind the Miami Dolphins. To say it's been a rough start, would be accurate; however, despite the early season injuries and struggles, this team still has all their 2023 season goals in front of them.

Buffalo is about to hit the toughest part of their schedule with the Cincinnati Bengals next up on Sunday Night Football. After that game, which will be a highly emotional game, followed by games against the Denver Broncos and New York Jets. Both of those games will be at home and the Bills have to get those wins against very beatable teams. After Week 11, the schedule includes the Philadelphia Eagles, Kansas City Chiefs, and Dallas Cowboys.

They close out the season with games against the Los Angeles Chargers, New England Patriots and Miami Dolphins. Those last two will likely be huge for the AFC East race for the division championship too. The second half of the season will be very interesting and promises to be a gut-wrenching weekly battle, that will probably come down to the final play of the game more often than not. I'm not too sure my heart will be able to withstand it on a week-to-week basis, but I will be here for all of it.

There are some bright spots from the first half of the year but one glaring concern. The injuries have been huge but let's get into my six takeaways from the first half of the Buffalo Bills 2023 season.