Buffalo Bills team awards through the first four games of the 2023 NFL season

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Josh Allen - Team MVP

This could have gone to Stefon Diggs too but Josh Allen's importance to this team goes beyond anything I can explain in words. We know about the Week One debacle and the criticism heaped on Allen at that time was warranted but at this point, he's playing at an MVP level. A stat I recently heard stated that Allen has the most games with three or more touchdowns and a completion percentage over 80% before the age of 30. That stat was courtesy of ESPN and came out after the Las Vegas win. Well, he just did again with another 3-plus touchdowns and over 80% completion rate. That's six games now and he's only 27 and already set this record.

Allen is sixth in passing yards, fifth in average yards per pass attempt, second in passing touchdowns, third in QBR, and fourth in quarterback rating. He's now being called the NFL's MVP favorite; however, there is still a lot of season to play but so far Allen and this team is playing lights out and the future is bright for this season. The Bills sit atop the AFC East and third in the conference.

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