Buffalo Bills: 5 takeaways from Week 1 loss to New York Jets

Buffalo Bills v New York Jets
Buffalo Bills v New York Jets / Elsa/GettyImages
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4.) Allen-to-Diggs connection is back 

After the way the season ended last year, there were rumors about a rocky relationship between Allen and Diggs. Throughout the offseason, there were talks about Diggs wanting out of Buffalo and that there was limited to no communication between Allen and Diggs. All of that was put to rest when training camp started for the Bills, and the connection between Allen and Diggs was able to get going against the Jets. 

Allen and Diggs were able to connect ten times for 102 yards and the only Bills touchdown of the game in the first half. Even though Allen had a terrible game that included four turnovers by him, he was able to build the connection with his number one weapon and it shows that they are on the same page.

While they did have a crucial mistake on their drive in overtime with Diggs not being able to reel in the catch on third down, this connection will be looking to keep up what they put on against the Jets.