Josh Allen connects with Stefon Diggs for first Buffalo Bills TD of 2023

Buffalo Bills v Baltimore Ravens
Buffalo Bills v Baltimore Ravens / Patrick Smith/GettyImages

After a tied 3-3 ball game in the second quarter, the Buffalo Bills were the first team to get into the endzone when Josh Allen connected with wide receiver Stefon Diggs for a five-yard touchdown. This touchdown reception by Diggs was his 30th since arriving to Buffalo in which he has broken a tie with Jerry Butler for the sixth-most receiving touchdowns in franchise history.

After a slow start by the Bills' offense which included an early punt, then a field goal followed by a rocket throw by Allen that resulted in an interception, the Bills managed to capitalize by driving it down the field. There were questions as to whether or not Allen's back foot crossed the line of scrimmage but the refs ended up ruling it a touchdown.

On the scoring drive, it was a mixture of Diggs and James Cook getting the ball in their hands to help move the chains. Diggs had three catches for 26 yards on the drive including an 18-yard reception on the first play of the drive.

Now that the Bills get their first touchdown out of the way, they will need to keep their foot on the gas pedal to keep the Jets down. Now that Aaron Rodgers has officially been ruled out due to an ankle injury, the Bills have an advantage going up against Zach Wilson.

The defense has been able to stop Wilson and the passing game, but are still struggling to find a way to contain the run game, in which Breece Hall has looked like an All-Pro player on his two carries, including an 83 yard run that set the Jets up for a field goal. With the limitations that the Jets face at the quarterback spot, the Bills' defense will have to find a way to keep the pressure on.

On the other hand, the Bills' offense will need to continue to set the run game up and to play smart with the pass attack.

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