Buffalo Bills: 3 ways to beat the Chiefs in the AFC Divisional Round

Buffalo Bills v Kansas City Chiefs
Buffalo Bills v Kansas City Chiefs / Ryan Kang/GettyImages
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3.) No careless mistakes

The Chiefs have shown that they can take advantage of a mistake that their opponent makes. This is the type of defense where they are so good this year because they attack the ball.

Guys like Chris Jones, Nick Bolton and La’Jarious Sneed can all make a big play that can lead to a takeaway at any moment. The Bills have not had a great season in terms of protecting the ball on offense. Whether it is a Josh Allen interception or James Cook fumble, careless mistakes have cost the Bills a handful of games.

In their last meeting against each other, the Chiefs took the ball away from Buffalo twice but with the Kansas City offense not being able to capitalize on them, the Bills got lucky. That luck may not be in their favor this Sunday, so it is better to protect the ball, get rid of it in the pass if nothing is open, and bury the ball in the ball carrier’s chest to avoid a punchout.