Buffalo Bills: 3 ways to beat the Chiefs in the AFC Divisional Round

Buffalo Bills v Kansas City Chiefs
Buffalo Bills v Kansas City Chiefs / Ryan Kang/GettyImages
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It is the biggest game of the year for the Buffalo Bills heading into this weekend. Two years ago, they found themselves heading into Arrowhead in the divisional round where it was a barnburner in the last two minutes of regulation and then the Chiefs won it in overtime. The Bills will now have the pleasure of welcoming the Chiefs to their home turf where Patrick Mahomes will play his first playoff game of his career away from Arrowhead.

While Buffalo has had success against the Chiefs in the regular season (including a Week 14 20-17 win in Kansas City), the Chiefs have the better record in the playoffs when Allen and Mahomes face off against each other. In 2021, the Chiefs defeated the Bills in the AFC championship game and then in 2022 they won in overtime, 42-36.

This is the opportunity that the Bills have been wanting. Taking on Kansas City away from Arrowhead and getting the opportunity to dethrone the defending champions.

Here are the three ways the Buffalo Bills can beat the Chiefs this Sunday.