Buffalo Bills: 3 candidates to be third QB on roster in wake of new rule

Buffalo Bills, Matt Barkley
Buffalo Bills, Matt Barkley / Eakin Howard/GettyImages
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On Monday, NFL owners were busy talking, voting and looking at potential changes to some rules and bylaws. One of the changes might impact a team like the Buffalo Bills, who saw Josh Allen fight through an elbow injury last season.

The new bylaw, which was approved, will allow teams to carry a third quarterback on game day without taking up an extra roster spot. The kicker is, teams cannot use that spot by calling up a quarterback from the practice squad.

Therefore, the Bills would have to decide to carry three quarterbacks on their active roster, and bring up an additional player from the practice squad each week at a non-quarterback position.

Traditionally, Buffalo hasn't carried three quarterbacks. But, if they chose to do so with this new rule, they have some serviceable options.

Candidates to become Buffalo Bills third QB on roster: Matt Barkley

32-year-old veteran Matt Barkley is no stranger to the Bills, as this is now his second stint with the team. Back in 2018, Barkley signed with Buffalo and actually ended up getting some regular season action over his three years here.

Last year, Barkley was the team's practice squad quarterback. Having spent a decade in the NFL now, Barkley is a valuable locker room guy with great character and brings tons of professional experience to the table. He also knows the Bills offense, which will come into play when deciding on a possible third quarterback.

Barkley has not appeared in a regular season game since the 2020 season when he dressed for five games in Buffalo. This would be an easy decision for Buffalo to make him the third quarterback, but there are still other options out there.