Buffalo Bills 21 pending free agents in 21 days - running back Latavius Murray

Buffalo Bills
Buffalo Bills / Perry Knotts/GettyImages

Latavius Murray is 34 years old and the oldest running back in the NFL. I doubt Buffalo brings him back for the 2024 season and perhaps this will be Murray's last season in the league as well. He started the season strong; however, seemed to begin to show his age as the season progressed, to the point that Ty Johnson supplanted him as the number two back. By the way, Johnson is also a pending free agent, as his Damien Harris. With three of the Bills' five backs looking at free agency, should Buffalo consider trying to retain Murray to keep the running back room intact with some semblance of continuity?

The quick answer to that previous question is yes and no. Yes, they should try to retain at least one of those pending free agent backs but no, it should not be Murray. At this point in Murray's career, I don't think he has much left in the tank to offer an NFL team, especially one that is trying to get to a Super Bowl. According to Spotrac.com, Murray made over $1.3 million last season and his 2024 market value is projected at $2.4 million. First of all, I'd be shocked if the Bills or any team signed Murray for $2.4 million. Secondly, if the Bills want to add a new face or two to the running back room through free agency, I think there are better options, with better value.

My preference would be to rebuild the RB group through the draft. I hope the team can re-sign Johnson, but after that, let's get some new, younger talent in here to fill out the backfield. The NFL Combine is coming up soon and there are excellent backs to keep an eye on. I also completed my first mock draft of the season and have the Bills taking a running back in the later rounds. Murray ran for 300 yards last season, with a 3.8 yards per carry average. The Bills can do better than that.