5 running backs at the NFL Combine the Buffalo Bills could draft

Blake Courm
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Three of the Buffalo Bills' five running backs from 2023 are pending free agents, Damien Harris, Latavius Murray, and Ty Johnson. I would like to see the team bring Johnson back for next season and maybe draft the third one. I could also see the team potentially using the draft to overhaul the runningback room, as a means to save on the salary cap. The Bills are going to have to lean on their draft picks this year to play important roles and provide depth.

The great thing here is that the Bills have their star running back in James Cook. I don't think Buffalo would draft an RB too high but then again, we've been surprised by some of Brandon Beane's picks in the past. We've seen them use a third-round pick before on a running back. Both Devin Singletary and Zach Moss were third-round selections of Beane's, but we also didn't have James Cook then.

Brandon Beane has become known to trade up in the trade to get the guy he wants, so don't be shocked if that happens again this year; however, Buffalo may keep all ten picks to build up some cheap depth pieces. That could include a late-round running back. Beane has already said that Nyheim Hines is part of the team's 2024 plans, and he's still under contract. On the flip side, the team could save nearly $5 million on the team's 2024 salary cap, so nothing is set in stone. Before we get into the running backs, if you missed my breakdown of some quarterbacks and wide receivers that will be at the NFL Combine, check those out as well. So, with that, let's get into five RBs that will be at the NFL Combine fans should keep an eye on.