Bills Rumors: 3 Broncos to target at trade deadline

The Bills can take advantage of a selling Denver Broncos team before the October 31 deadline
Buffalo Bills, Jerry Jeudy
Buffalo Bills, Jerry Jeudy / Dustin Bradford/GettyImages
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Through seven weeks, count this as somewhat of an unpleasant surprise for the Buffalo Bills.

A record of 4-3 isn't the end of the world by any means, but it is certainly not where fans thought the team would be. If they had beaten the New England Patriots last week as they should have, fans would probably be far more confident at 5-2. But, one game makes a difference.

The Bills clearly need some help, and fortunately the NFL trade deadline is coming up with some teams that are going to be selling in a big way. The Denver Broncos are one of them, and Buffalo should be calling.

Which Broncos could come in and help the Bills significantly? Let's identify three.

1. Patrick Surtain II, CB

The Bills' secondary, specifically at cornerback, has been good this season, all things considered. Dane Jackson and Christian Benford have been fine, but not stellar. Obviously, Tre'Davious White is the stud, there, and Taron Johnson has played solid in the slot.

But, if the Bills wanted to make a splash move at corner and pair White with another top-end player, Patrick Surtain is the guy. He should absolutely be available as Denver is selling, and he might not fit exactly what Bills fans want the team to trade for, but he's going to improve this team. This is a defense that just allowed Mac Jones to have arguably his most well-rounded game of the season this past week.

Surtain would come at a high cost, more than likely with that being a first-round pick. He is one of the best cornerbacks in the game today, and the Bills would also have to ask the question of whether or not they'd end up wanting to pay him while they've already paid White.