5 trades the Buffalo Bills could make before the deadline

Patrick Surtain Jr.
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I don't know if the Buffalo Bills will be active at the trade deadline or not but there are a few names out there they could and maybe should make a call about. I don't doubt that is the case but I know Brandon Beane is not likely to mortgage the future or "F them picks" for a player or two this season. But then again, with all the injuries that have already hit this team and the poor play as of late, maybe he'll feel a little more heat to make something happen.

The biggest problem when it comes to getting involved in the trade market is the cap situation the Bills currently find themselves in. According to spotrac.com, the Bills are just under $1.4 million under the cap, so they don't have much room to work with. However, that does not mean they can't work the contract in such a way that it couldn't work.

That said, I did try to consider the salary cap and not include names on this list that are some of the highest paid at their position. For example, some fans want the Bills to trade for Aaron Donald. I don't see a way to fit that contract on Buffalo's books unless the Rams were willing to eat the majority of his contract, but I don't see that happening either. Also, I'm not interested in trading for a running back. That seems a waste in my eyes.

Additionally, I'm not focusing on just one position. The Bills have a few spots that I think could use an upgrade and would significantly help this team, not just one position or another. The Bills need help in the interior of their defensive line, they need an upgrade at corner and could use at wide receiver too. I didn't include middle linebacker here simply because in my mind that's not going to have as great an impact as one of the other positions.