Bills ranked among the 12 teams mostly likely to hoist first Lombardi

Buffalo Bills
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We know the Buffalo Bills have yet to win a Super Bowl, but what you might not know is that 12 other teams have never hoisted the Lombardi trophy. writer Eric Edholm ranked them according to who is most likely to get their first Super Bowl title this season. It might surprise you that he ranked the Bills number three, behind the Detroit Lions and the Cincinnati Bengals.

"The Bills endured some major bloodletting this offseason, yet they remain contenders because of Josh Allen . It’s as simple as that. Now, are they merely playoff contenders, or are we somehow entering an era where Allen can lift a less-talented Bills roster to unseen heights?"

Eric Edholm

This could be a career-defining season for Josh Allen. We heard all the doubters two years ago saying Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs wouldn't be the same with Tyreek Hill, and here they are with back-to-back titles without Hill. Now we hear a lot of the same about Allen and the Bills. Buffalo traded Stefon Diggs, and chose not to re-sign Gabe Davis, instead essentially replacing them with a ton of free agent faces that include Curtis Samuel, Chase Claypool, and Marques Valdez-Scantling. They also drafted Keon "Cookie" Coleman. This group top to bottom is better than the top-heavy receiving corps of last season with Diggs and Davis.

It's completely understandable to doubt the Bills though, I get it. They can't seem to get past the Chiefs in the playoffs, Coach McDermott's ability to coach has been brought into question since the "13-second" game, and Allen turns the ball over too much. Sure, doubt this team, but McDermott can flat-out coach. A lot of teams would have crumbled two seasons ago when Damar Hamlin collapsed on the field. The Buffalo defense has been a top-five or ten defense in five of seven seasons, including number one twice. In his first season in Buffalo, he led a Bills team into the playoffs, breaking a 17-year drought. That team was led by Tyrod Taylor and "top" receivers Kelvin Benjamin and Deonte Thompson, As far as Allen, he's one of the best, sure the turnovers are high, but so are the touchdown totals.

Don't sleep on these Buffalo Bills

Maybe I'm overly optimistic, but this team will surprise you this season. Allen will prove that he's an elite quarterback and does not need Diggs to be good. The offense still has terrific talent in receiver Khalil Shakir, running back James Cook, and tight ends Dalton Kincaid and Dawson Knox. On the defensive side, McDermott has proven he can coach up a defense. Buffalo is returning both starting corners, who formed one of the top duos in the league, return the majority of their starting defensive line, Matt Milaon returns and Terrel Bernard will man the other LB spot. This will be a fun season and I can't wait until September.


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