Bills 2024 Mock Draft: Josh Allen gets two new WRs with first two picks

Brandon Beane
Brandon Beane / Brett Carlsen/GettyImages
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Pick 160: Justin Eboigbe, DT, Alabama

The Bills are seemingly always having a problem with defensive line depth, so we are adding a 6'4", 297 lbs defensive tackle to the depth chart. With a strength in run stopping, he’s another developmental piece for the defense.

Pick 163: Jamree Kromah, D-Line, James Madison University

A nice Day Three pick, Kromah has versatility across the defensive line. Beane and McDermott love guys who can contribute in multiple ways. Pass rush and run-stopping upside, this could be a great backup to Ed Oliver.

Pick 200: Carson Steele, RB, UCLA

The Bills need an RB2 to go with James Cook. At 228 lbs, this 6'0" running back needs multiple players to bring him down. Steele would be a nice complement to the current RB room and would take pressure off Josh Allen on the short-yardage third downs and goal-line pushes. Anything that can be done to keep Josh Allen out of the “Shnow Plow” as much as possible, should be done.

Pick 204: Anthony Gould, WR, Oregon

This late in the draft, you are usually taking flyers on guys. Gould has 4.39 40-yard speed but needs to work on his route running. Not a guy you expect to start right away, but could be a practice squad addition with some gadget/depth upside if he develops well.

Pick 248: Gabriel Murphy, Edge, UCLA

Another edge prospect rounds out the Bills’ draft. He is an extremely smart player and wins with technical skill, but his physical traits may hinder him at the next level. A guy you love to take a chance on, especially when he falls this late in the draft.