Bills 2024 Mock Draft: Josh Allen gets two new WRs with first two picks

Brandon Beane
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Pick 128: Xavier Thomas, Edge, Clemson

Thomas is 6'2", 244 lbs and ran a 4.62 40-yard dash. Big and quick, which is a nice combo and comes with a RAS score of 8.17 out of 10. Thomas definitely needs some help figuring out how to use his power when speed fails during a rush, but at 128, this is a great depth and developmental piece for the Bills.

Pick 133: Luke McCaffery, WR, Rice

We have been shown time and time again that receivers can be found anywhere; Stefon Diggs was taken in the fifth round, for example. So taking as many chances as possible only increases your odds of hitting the jackpot.

With Luke McCaffery, those odds are even better. He comes from a family with two certified superstars: Ed, a 3-time Super Bowl winner, and Christian, the current running back for the San Francisco 49ers. But you shouldn’t rely on the achievements of his family alone.

Luke, with Rice, showed he was good in contested catch situations and has a high football IQ. When Luke entered college, he was a QB and started a whole season behind center. Switching to WR midway through college, he only had two full seasons at the position. The Bills love receivers who read the field like a QB, and the writing is on the wall for a draft steal here.