7 moves the Buffalo Bills could make to clear $55 million in cap space

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Restructure Von Miller's contract

Saves: $12.1 million

Restructure Stefon Diggs' contract

Saves: $13.2 million

The next two moves would create over $25 million in cap space for this season but general manager Brandon Beane may be somewhat reluctant to make the move. The reason is that Von Miller and Stefon Diggs are older veterans who are coming off down seasons.

Miller returned from a torn ACL this season and didn't register a sack in 12 regular season games meanwhile Diggs had under 600 receiving yards in the final 11 regular season games.

The way the contracts are structured, the Bills wouldn't be able to move on from either player this offseason without significant salary cap penalties. Both players should be with the team this season but there is a chance they could move on after this season but restructuring the contracts will make it tougher after this season.