5 worst offenses the Buffalo Bills will face in 2024

If you ranked the quarterbacks the Bills will face in 2024, it would be an impressive list from top to bottom. This makes ranking the five worst offensives they face a difficult task. But let's do this.
Buffalo Bills
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1. New York Jets

The New York Jets are the one team I was referring to that could be a good offense, but so much is dependent on Aaron Rodgers. Aside from four plays in 2023, we haven't seen Rodgers on the field in over a year. He is 40 years old now, and coming off a torn Achilles. Age and Achilles could derail his season, which would derail the Jets season. There has been a lot of offseason hype for the Jets again, similar to last year, but I'm not sold.

The Jets have a terrific running back in Breece Hall and a star in receiver Garrett Wilson. Their offensive line is alright, but not top-notch. Pro Football Network's ranking put them at number 12; however, it's a rebuilt line, so we'll have to wait and see if the improvements work out. This ranking comes down to Rodgers, plain and simple. the Jets could be a good offense, but I need to see Rodgers on the field again playing at a high level.