5 wide receivers the Buffalo Bills can draft to replace Gabe Davis

Gabe Davis bolted to the Jacksonville Jaguars, rejoining his former wide receivers coach Chad Hall. Who could the Buffalo Bills target in the 2024 NFL Draft to replace Davis next season and beyond?
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Brain Thomas Jr - LSU

A ton has already been written about Brian Thomas Jr. over the last several weeks and with his extremely high ceiling, it's no surprise he's become a massive favorite among the Bills fans, myself included. I like what Thomas brings to the Bills, both size and exceptional speed. He is 6"3" and recorded a 40-time of 4.33 at the NFL Combine. With his incredible athletic profile, the sky is the limit for this young man.

Pro Football Focus broke down what his rookie season might look like and they project him around 11.5 yards per reception and a 66.4 completion rate when targeted. During his final year at LSU, he was considered "open" on 74 out of 87 targets, which helped him snare 68 receptions. He has a knack for creating separation and it is believed that his ideal offense likes to push the ball downfield. Sounds like a Josh Allen kind of guy to me. Thomas has all the tools to become a superstar number one receiver at the NFL level and Allen is just the quarterback that could unlock that potential.