5 potential offensive coordinator candidates for the Buffalo Bills in 2024

With the firing of Ken Dorsey, the Buffalo Bills will be looking to hire a new offensive coordinator in 2024. Will it be Joe Brady, maybe but there are other options.
Joe Brady
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After the debacle on Monday night against the Denver Broncos, the Buffalo Bills had to do something drastic. I could almost feel what was coming too. For weeks the Bills fan base has been calling for Dorsey to be let go and the brass finally made the move this week. Will it help, will the offense be better under the interim offensive coordinator Joe Brady?

No one knows for sure but this weekend we'll begin to get at least a hint of what we might expect but I can't imagine there will be too many changes as far as scheme, if any. We may see more motion and Josh Allen under center, since this is what Brady was previously known for during his two-year stint with the Carolina Panthers. Just please keep Dalton Kincaid involved in the offense, which I believe he will.

Regardless of what happens, the Buffalo Bills will be in the market for a permanent offensive coordinator in 2024. I do not doubt that Joe Brady will be in the running, especially if things go well over the rest of the season. If the Bills offense returns to form and points become plentiful, they could simply remove the "interim" from his title and move forward.

If Buffalo decides to conduct a search and interviews, I've looked across the NFL landscape for some possibilities. This list does not include college coaches and focuses strictly on coaches who are not currently offensive coordinators. Guys like Kellen Moore would be a solid hire, but I don't see him leaving Los Angeles unless head coach Brandon Staley is fired or another team hires Moore as their next head coach. I just wrote about the possibility of Moore as the next Bills head coach, should he too be fired at season's end.

Let's get into my five offensive coordinators for the Buffalo Bills in 2024