5 quick reactions to the Buffalo Bills loss against the Broncos on Monday Night

Buffalo Bills
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At this point maybe there is nothing wrong with this offense. Maybe this is simply who they are. Maybe that offense we saw from weeks 2 - 4 was an aberration and that's not who they really are. But then we see flashes and drives where they move the ball as if there is no defense on the field. I'm just as confounded as anyone else and have no answers.

The game started with the Bills winning the coin toss and for the first time for as long as I remember, Buffalo elected to take the ball first, only to give it right back to the Broncos on the first play of the Bills drive. The Bills defense did a good job of limiting the damage to only a field goal, but the offense gifted another turnover on their very next drive. This time a pass through the hands of Gabe Davis and into the waiting arms of the Broncos.

The Bills finally put together a drive without turning over the ball and put up six of their own but another interception late in the half, led to another field goal by the Broncos and a 15 - 8 halftime deficit. In the end, it was another penalty that sealed the Bills' fate. I haven't heard a final whistle on the season yet but it's not looking good for the Buffalo Bills in 2023.