5 players who improved their stock the most during preseason

Buffalo Bills
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Damar Hamlin - Safety

Hamlin's experience since that early January game has been on the forefront of every NFL media outlet and everything has been on full display to the world. So, seeing him back on the field and flying around the same way he was prior to his collapsing on the field, has been nothing short of miraculous and inspiring.

You have to figure the coaching staff was cautiously optimistic about his return, which is why I think they made it a point to sign safeties Zayne Anderson and Taylor Rapp, as well as resigning former All-Pro Jordan Poyer. But Hamlin has returned and is playing like nothing happened. As a result, the Bills have the best safety depth they've had in years.

Through three games, Hamlin has recorded nine tackles, including six stops. He earned an 87.3 run defense grade and a coverage grade of 62.5. He didn't record any interceptions or passes defensed but was outstanding in run defense.