5 nightmare scenarios for Buffalo Bills in 2024

Bills fans need to hope that these scenarios don't play out in 2024...
Jacksonville Jaguars v Buffalo Bills
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1.) Josh Allen suffers a season-ending injury in Week One or Week 18

Imagine the build-up to this upcoming season or even getting ready to watch the Bills play some playoff football in Week 18, and then the ultimate worst possible case happens with Buffalo’s franchise quarterback Josh Allen. Aside from the Eagles in 2017, teams who lose their starting quarterback end up taking a major hit for the rest of the season.

If the Bills were to lose Allen to a season-ending injury in Week One against the Arizona Cardinals, there is an argument that the Bills would have a top-ten draft pick next season. Should this scenario play out in Week 18 and the Bills are in a playoff spot, they would be without Allen for the postseason, but who knows how long it would be before he returned to the field in 2025. Obviously, no one wants this scenario to happen but with the way Allen plays the game with his mobility, every time he runs out of the pockets and down the field, it becomes more possible that an injury will happen.


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