Projecting the future of the Buffalo Bills 2025 free agents

The list of Buffalo Bills players slated to hit free agency in 2025 is long, but it's largely guys that were just signed to one-year deals, but let's look at a handful of the key upcoming free agents.
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According to, the Buffalo Bills have 33 players listed as free agents, with 26 as unrestricted free agents. It may seem excessive, but it's quite typical for the Bills and many other teams to sign numerous one-year contracts each year 17 of these guys were just signed this offseason to free agent contracts. Some players will be discussed, but many won't make the roster by the time the cut-down day comes around this fall. And with so many one-year free agents, I imagine most will not be re-signed next offseason, even if they make the roster this season.

Buffalo looks to have some room to maneuver next offseason in free agency too, so re-signing many of their 2025 free agents shouldn't be too difficult, but the question will be whether the individual wants to re-sign, or if the team wants to bring them back. For the sake of this article, I've split them into two groups. One group is players I think the team might re-sign, or at least try. The second group is players I expect to go elsewhere, and the third group is up in the air. What I'm saying with this third group is that I don't know what to expect.

It will be nice nonetheless to have a rather drama-less offseason though. I don't expect any random cryptic tweets or major cuts, though I do have some thoughts on a few moves the Bills could make that could increase the Bills salary cap next year, but that's for another day. Later in the week, we'll have a 2025 offseason outlook, break down the salary cap, potential free agents that could be available for Buffalo, and look at the team's draft capital too.

Here is the list of Restricted Free Agents and Exclusive Rights Free Agents

Shane Buechelle, QB
Kyron Brown, CB
Quintin Morris, TE
Ryan Van Demark, OL
Alec Anderson, OL
Gable Steveson, DT
Shane Simon, LB

Let's get into the Buffalo Bills 2025 potential free agents