5 first reactions from Buffalo Bills close win over New York Giants

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The Buffalo Bills needed to keep pace with the Miami Dolphins and they did just that, remaining only a game back in the AFC East and one of the top teams in the AFC. The Bills defeated the New York Giants 14 - 9, despite a very slow start by the offense yet again. They eventually got things rolling in the second half with two long drives and took the lead in the fourth to seal the win.

This win was more of a struggle and far closer than it should have been but in the end, the final score is all that matters, and the Bills sent the Giants back to New Jersey with another loss. Even still, the Bills need to figure out this offense thing, because they have some tough matchups coming up soon.

Regardless of whether you win pretty or win ugly, they all count the same in the win/loss column, so we'll take the W in this one. The Bills have some soul-searching to do though, players and coaches alike. Someone needs to light a fire and get this offense back on track. The Bills' defense saved the night.