Buffalo Bills fall in our latest AFC power rankings after a heartbreaking loss in London

Buffalo Bills
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After spending just one week in the top spot on last week's poll, the Buffalo Bills struggled overseas in London and suffered their second loss of the season. What did this do to their standing in the polls? I think it's safe to say that they won't remain number one this week.

But who should be the top team in our Week Six AFC rankings? The Kansas City Chiefs continued to win, and the Dolphins got back in the win column too. The Texans were climbing the ranks after they defeated the Pittsburgh Steelers in Week Four, only to lose this week to the Atlanta Falcons.

And those Steelers I just mentioned beat the Baltimore Ravens on Sunday, who were previously fourth in our rankings. This goes to show the NFL is very much a week-to-week league and you just never know who will come away with a win and who will suffer an upset loss.

Are the New England Patriots the worst team in the AFC? That honor was previously held by the Denver Broncos, who lost again, but at least they weren't shut out like the Patriots were, 34 - 0 by the New Orleans Saints. Enough talk though, let's get into the Week Six AFC rankings.