5 Buffalo Bills who have high chance to earn first Pro-Bowl selection in 2024

These five Bills have a great chance at being voted as Pro Bowlers in 2024.
Buffalo Bills v Los Angeles Chargers
Buffalo Bills v Los Angeles Chargers / Ryan Kang/GettyImages

Let’s face it, the Pro Bowl has taken a downfall over the years. It’s not as entertaining as it once was but it is still a chance for NFL players to get together and enjoy the accomplishment of being voted as a Pro Bowl level player. At the end of the day, it is still an honor for players to be recognized as one of the best at their respective positions. The Bills have Pro Bowl players that include Josh Allen, Dion Dawkins, and Matt Milano.

The Bills have players on the roster who are Pro Bowl level players, but because they are not a big name, they do not get the recognition. We see it year after year. While Buffalo has their sights set on something bigger than getting Pro Bowl invites, there are players that deserve recognition for their outstanding performance.

We take a look at the five Bills players who have a great chance at earning their first career Pro Bowl honors in 2024.

OL Spencer Brown

After a rough first two seasons, Spencer Brown turned things around for the greater last season. He battled through poor play and injuries and was able to show Bills fans what he can bring to this offensive line. He was already a solid run blocker coming out of Northern Iowa but his pass protection needed to massively improve. After a strong third season, Brown now heads into a contract year with the Bills. Most of the time, players play their best ball when they are going to be in the market for a new contract. If Brown is able to continue his performance from last season into next season, Brown has a good chance at getting voted into the Pro Bowl.

WR Curtis Samuel

One of Buffalo’s newest wide receivers is in the best situation of his career. Curtis Samuel has spent time with the Carolina Panthers as well as in Washington, and has never had a quarterback like Josh Allen. Samuel’s best season was in 2020 with the Panthers where he had 1,051 total yards and 5 touchdowns. His offensive coordinator that season was Joe Brady, who is now calling the offense in Buffalo. Pairing Samuel back with Brady and having Allen throw him the ball, this is a perfect fit for Samuel which could easily lead to a Pro Bowl level year.

TE Dalton Kincaid

Bills fans can expect a big year from Dalton Kincaid in 2024. Through a year where there were a great amount of changes on offense, Kincaid still racked up over 600 yards receiving. With the way the wide receiver room has shaped out this offseason, there is a valid argument that Kincaid could become Allen’s go-to target in the pass game. Kincaid was the second best rookie tight end last year behind Sam LaPorta and will be looking to grow his game even more.

RB James Cook

Having a run game that is not solely focused on Josh Allen heavily benefited the Bills last season. James Cook stepped into the starting role and established himself as a dual threat for this offense. He was the first Bill to rush for over 1,000 yards since LeSean McCoy and he also added on 445 receiving yards. Cook’s performance against the Dallas Cowboys alone in Week 15 last year should have earned him a Pro Bowl invite.

With very little change in the offensive line, there is no reason to doubt Cook’s potential production in 2024. Joe Brady has created an offense where it is not super pass heavy. The ball gets into the hands of every playmaker but Cook has the advantage as compared to these new receivers that are going to have to learn Brady’s system.

LB Terrel Bernard

It is very hard to understand how Terrel Bernard did not get voted into the Pro Bowl last year considering the fact that he had a better year than Matt Milano did in his All-Pro year in 2022. Stepping in for Tremaine Edmunds and having to play without Milano for most of the season, Bernard was arguably the best player for this defense last year (aside from Ed Oliver). Bernard’s linebacker coach last season was Bobby Babich who is now the defensive coordinator for the Bills. It could not be a more perfect setup for the rising linebacker. 

Bernard is under contract for two more seasons on his rookie deal so the Bills are going to be hoping that he can continue his progression and work his way up to All-Pro status.