5 bold predictions for the Buffalo Bills against the Denver Broncos on Monday night

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It's pretty crazy to be talking about a must-win situation for the Buffalo Bills in Week 10 against the Denver Broncos but that's the world we Bills fans are living in right now. Not only do the Bills need to win but they need to look good doing it. Simply winning the game will not appease the fan base and a near loss will only fuel the calls to fire Ken Dorsey and/or Coach McDermott.

Regardless of which camp you are in, the Bills are very much still alive and this season is far from over. Buffalo just a couple of seasons ago was sitting at 7 - 6, only to go on a tear and many fans call that season Buffalo's best shot at winning a Super Bowl. So, here we are, sitting at 5 - 4 and big games coming up down the stretch against the Philadelphia Eagles, Kansas City Chiefs, and Dallas Cowboys. You can throw in the Los Angeles Chargers and Miami Dolphins too. This is why winning this game on Monday Night Football is a must.

Buffalo has to win the games they will be the clear favorites in, which includes this game and should also include the New York Jets and New England Patriots. Both of whom Buffalo has already lost to this season. Each of the remaining games will be huge, almost playoff-caliber games for the Bills but all their season goals are still very much in front of them. Can they get things rolling in time to make that push? I think so and here are my five bold predictions for this game.