5 biggest questions for the Buffalo Bills entering 2024 free agency

Tyrel Dodson, Greg Rousseau, Jordan Phillips
Tyrel Dodson, Greg Rousseau, Jordan Phillips / Rich Barnes/GettyImages
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Should the Bills resign Gabe Davis

Let's me start by saying that I like Gabe Davis in the Bills offense but I don't think he's a number two wide receiver. He's a player that as a third or fourth option, could be a legitimate matchup issues for opposing defenses. So, I wouldn't have a problem if the Bills are able to bring Davis back for the the 2024 NFL season.

The problem is that I don't think he re-signs a contract that pays him like a third or fourth wide receiver. There will likely be at least one team in the league that will pay him to be their number two receiver. A team like the New York Giants and Coach Daboll. Brandon Beane and Coach McDermott will need to make a decision and I think they try to bring him back under the right contract. The question will be whether or not Davis is willing.