4 ways Buffalo Bills Josh Allen can shine against the New Jersey Jets

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Oh, what a game we have on Monday Night Football to open the season! As Bills fans, we can't wait to see our boy Josh Allen take the field to begin the 2023 NFL season. The players have talked about Allen being "different", something different about his focus and mentality.

On Monday night, the Bills will need Allen to be that elite game-changing quarterback we all know he is and has already proven to be throughout his career. This week's game is by no means a must-win but it would be great for the Bills to begin the season with not only a win but a win within the division.

I hope that this "focus" the players are referring to means that Allen won't be playing hero ball and allow his weapons around him to make plays but there will be times we will need him to put on the Superman cape and get it done too.

In years past, I would root for Allen to win the NFL MVP award or break more league and team records. I would be annoyed with all the hype or love (warranted or not) that other quarterbacks would receive. But then I thought back to when I first became a Bills fan in 1988 and remember I was never worried about any of that stuff. I knew we had one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL with Jim Kelly and a great team. So, it's time to stop worrying about the accolades, enjoy what we have, and know we have one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL. With that, let's talk about five ways that Josh Allen can shine on Monday Night Football against the New Jersey Jets.