3 reasons why the Buffalo Bills will sweep the hyped-up New York Jets in 2023

New York Jets v Buffalo Bills
New York Jets v Buffalo Bills / Joshua Bessex/GettyImages
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1.) Rodgers to become this year’s "2022 Russell Wilson"? 

This might be a bold statement to make, seeing as how historically bad Russell Wilson and the Broncos’ offense was last season. However, if you look at the Wilson-to-Denver trade from last offseason and the Matt Stafford-to-Los Angeles trade in the offseason prior, which outcome is more likely to happen; Rodgers winning a super bowl with the Jets or failing to even reach the playoffs? I’m not saying the Jets will be like the Broncos from last season, but when you look at the trade scenarios between Rodgers and Wilson, there are more similarities than you may think. 

Both players were traded from a weak NFC conference to a powerful AFC (not to mention, a much tougher division). Both Rodgers and Stafford have the expectations to carry their new respective teams to high expectations, they were traded to non-tenured offensive coaches (Wilson to Nathaniel Hackett and Rodgers to Robert Salah. Finally, both of them were traded to middle-of-the-pack to below average offensive lines. 

The similarities are there and they both entered a tougher conference where even if they have some sort of success, they may not see the playoffs just because of the tough competition. 

While the Jets should not be taken lightly, the Bills have more team chemistry and a proven head coach who can win with a big time quarterback.