Bills are using recent Damar Hamlin visit as added Wild Card motivation

Damar Hamlin #3, Buffalo Bills (Photo by Isaiah Vazquez/Getty Images)
Damar Hamlin #3, Buffalo Bills (Photo by Isaiah Vazquez/Getty Images) /

Live long enough, and you’ll learn something. One can never have too many reasons to smile. Watching Damar Hamlin collapse was tough. It was hard to talk about Buffalo Bills football while this amazing young man was in a battle for his life, but there was a shift. That’s when miracles began taking place, and it felt like a bolt of electricity went through our bodies.

As the world prayed for his recovery, Damar showed signs of improvement daily. Smiles began creeping across our faces again.

He was released from care. We smiled wider. The Bills met the New England Patriots in their regular-season finale. They honored their teammate before kickoff. The Pats won the toss and deferred. Buffalo was set to receive the ball first. There isn’t a single member of Bills Mafia that doesn’t know what happened next.

Nyheim Hines’ coast-to-coast kickoff return put the Bills up by six points 14 seconds into the game. Another kickoff return TD with a little over seven minutes remaining erased New England’s only lead in the game, one that lasted for 13 seconds… More smiles. Who knew that we were just getting started?

Damar Hamlin makes his return and visits his Bills teammates.

They say bad news travels fast. Thankfully, the same can be said about good news every now and again. News and photos of Damar Hamlin’s visit to his teammates on Saturday began circulating on Social media. We again saw that smile of his, and as you might expect, that has forced yet another smile across our faces as well.

We can get used to this feeling!

There were rumors that Damar would make an appearance at Highland Stadium during the Wild Card Round. He has announced, via his Twitter account, that he’ll be supporting from home, but his teammates are fired up nonetheless.

You should never look gift horses in the mouth, leap without looking, or count chickens (or wins) before they hatch, but we have to break that rule today. The coming Bills/Dolphins clash has felt like a Buffalo win all week. That’s why FanDuel favors The Mafia by 13.5 points, but after seeing Damar Hamlin back home less than two weeks after suffering cardiac arrest on the field of play, we feel even better about Buffalo’s chances.

Josh Wilson is throwing four touchdown passes. The Bills are winning this one by three touchdowns. How about that for bold predictions?

It’s been a while since Buffalo has been in a Super Bowl. We didn’t like the results of their first four appearances. The next trip will be different. Glendale is in everyone’s sights. We have to take it one day at a time, but this time around, expect to see a lot of blue in Arizona. You have no idea how pumped and refocused this team is.