Buffalo Bills could see Damar Hamlin make appearance vs. Dolphins

Buffalo Bills, Damar Hamlin (Photo by Timothy T Ludwig/Getty Images)
Buffalo Bills, Damar Hamlin (Photo by Timothy T Ludwig/Getty Images) /

It seems like just yesterday that Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamlin was in the hospital, hooked up to a breathing tube and in critical condition.

In one of the scariest scenes we’ve ever seen in professional sports, Hamlin had collapsed during a Monday Night Football game and his very life was in question.

Since that night, Hamlin has made so much progress that he was actually released from the hospital just a few days ago. His recovery is nothing short of spectacular, thanks to the Bills training staff for acting so quickly.

Now on the verge of hosting a Wildcard game against the Miami Dolphins, the Bills had been practicing and have even played without Hamlin to close out the regular season.

Saturday, the Bills received a surprise visit from the man himself. Hamlin made an appearance at the Bills’ facility and got to spend some much-needed time with his teammates prior to the big game on Sunday.

NBC Sports’ Mike Florio believes there’s a chance the Buffalo Bills could see Damar Hamlin make an appearance during the team’s Wildcard game.

Saturday night during halftime of the Chargers and Jaguars playoff game, NBC Sports‘ Mike Florio talked about Hamlin visiting his teammates. Also while mentioning the heartwarming moment, Florio made it seem as though the Bills could see their beloved teammate at the game on Sunday.

"“The next question is whether Hamlin will be in the stadium tomorrow when the Bills host the Dolphins. Imagine what a scene that will be if Hamlin makes an appearance.”"

It’s definitely worth pondering. If Hamlin was healthy enough to show up at the Bills’ facility, it seems likely that he could be in attendance for the game against Miami on Sunday.

As if playoff football couldn’t get any more intense, just think of the adrenaline Buffalo would be riding if they had the privilege of having Hamlin in attendance. What a turn of events that would be.

It’s safe to say that the Bills were already going to win this game, but if Hamlin is there, the Dolphins really don’t stand a chance.

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