5 winningest coaches in Buffalo Bills’ franchise history

Marv Levy, Buffalo Bills (Mandatory Credit: USA TODAY Sports)
Marv Levy, Buffalo Bills (Mandatory Credit: USA TODAY Sports) /
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. Lou Saban. 2. player. 16. .

W-L Record: 68-45-4

Lou Saban was the second head coach ever in franchise history, following two seasons with Buster Ramsey as head coach. He quickly turned the franchise around and the Bills were one of the best teams in the AFL as he would have a winning season each of the four years he was head coach, win back-to-back AFL Championships in 1964 and 1965, and win Coach of the Year each of those seasons.

Saban would leave the Bills to coach the University of Maryland and after a few seasons away, would return as head coach in 1972.

However, he didn’t have the same success as his first run with the team. While he would help the Bills have a winning record in three of his four seasons, Buffalo only made the playoffs once but lose to the Steelers in the Divisional Round in 1974.

Saban’s final season with the Buffalo Bills would be 1976 but he wouldn’t finish the season as head coach. After five games, and with the Bills having a 2-3 record, he would resign for a second time as head coach.