Buffalo Bills: Our top stories from February 2019

Buffalo Bills, 2023 NFL Draft (Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images)
Buffalo Bills, 2023 NFL Draft (Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images) /

Not much happened in Buffalo Bills news this month, making it a time full of speculation and preparation for events in March and April.

The month of February is nearly over and not a moment too soon.

This is always a rough sports month and now that the Buffalo Bills are a stable franchise, there wasn’t much drama to discuss.

We can’t even have quarterback debates anymore. I’ll take it.

Before March officially arrives I wanted to share some of the top stories from the month. A month filled with draft and free agency takes.

The 2018 home games ranked by watchability

The Bills actually had a solid season at home in 2018, so take a look back at all the fun. You just have to get through the painful losses first.

Relaunch of the BLD Podcast

In case you missed it, the BLD Podcast is back! The show has two new hosts and plenty of great analysis on the way so be sure to subscribe now.

4 running backs to consider in free agency

The Bills could consider moving on from LeSean McCoy this offseason. Even if that doesn’t happen there are players out there who the team could target with all that available cash.

5 wide receivers to consider in free agency

The Bills desperately need some new receivers and there are some big names out there. I imagine the Bills will add at least two new receivers in free agency.

Looking back at the 2015 draft class

It takes a few years before one can reasonably judge a draft class. I decided to look at the Bills’ 2015 draft class to see how things went. Not having a first-round pick didn’t help, but the team did take a talented player in the second round.

Too bad he was traded away before he could be up for an extension.