Buffalo Bills: Relaunch of the BLD Podcast

The BLD Podcast is back with new hosts, new topics, and new hot takes. Our goal is to give you all the info on the Buffalo Bills, good and bad, so fans can be updated and educated on their favorite football team.

There is never a shortage of topics when it comes to the Buffalo Bills. The highest of the highs, the lowest of the lows and everything in between, being a Bills fan will always toy with your emotions like a yo-yo.

BuffaLowDown contributor Justin Baumann and I have taken the reigns of the BLD Podcast. We plan on bringing you our opinions on everything from the draft, free agency, game recaps, Xs and Os, and more!

The show can be found on iTunes, Google Play, and it should be on Spotify soon. Just search for the BLD Podcast.

As you can see, past episodes are listed, but the most recent one is our first at the helm. To listen to our show on Spreaker, where it is hosted, follow this link.

In our first episode of the BLD Podcast, we broke topics down into quarters. We give our opinions on the season, what rookies stood out, our tall new quarterback with big hands who looks good in shorts, and what positions the team needs to address in the offseason.

With the offseason officially underway, we look forward to diving deep into team needs, free agency, and our favorite – the NFL Draft. We will begin rolling out our mock drafts over the next several months with our insights on players we think that can make a difference for the Bills.

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For more info on us, follow us on Twitter @Buffalowdown, @Stephen_T_McC11, and @RealJB88 for hot takes galore. Thank you for listening and we look forward to getting to know you!

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