Buffalo Bills News: Having patience with Josh Allen

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Buffalo Bills fans should be optimistic about the future with Josh Allen as the quarterback. That and more in today’s Morning Charge.

There are plenty of hot takes out there about Josh Allen. Some may even come from Buffalo Bills fans.

Yet it is too early for any harsh criticism of the young man.

My favorite hot take on Allen is that since he had 12 interceptions compared to only 10 touchdown passes he is a failure. I can’t remember if that was sent to me on Twitter or as a comment on an article.

It’s not like he was also the team’s leading rusher or anything.

Some people, Bills fans included, decided early on that they didn’t like Allen and that wouldn’t change unless he immediately showed up and was Jim Kelly. That is just absurd and makes me wonder why some even watch the team if they are so against Allen.

Regardless of any negative opinions, Allen is here to stay and did well with what he was given in his rookie season. Those critiquing his stats must also remember he only appeared in 12 games.

We look at Allen and other Bills news in a Thursday edition of The Morning Charge.

Buffalo Bills News:

A great quote about Josh Allen’s rookie year (BuffaLowDown, Steven Kubitza)

To all the haters out there, take it easy. Josh Allen is not a bust. At least not yet after one year of being in Buffalo.

The Bills against the spread in 2018 (BuffaLowDown, Steven Kubitza)

The Bills didn’t do great in the standings in 2018. The same was true for the team when it came to the point spreads in all 16 games. Though the team did pull off some big upsets to make loyal bettors happy.

Kyle Williams has no second thoughts on retirement (PFT, Josh Alper)

Kyle Williams is not going to change his mind about Sunday being his final NFL game. That is for the best.

Colin Cowherd calls Bills ‘suckers’ (Bills Wire, Brad Gelber)

We end this Morning Charge with some annoying news.

Colin Cowherd always seems to manage to say some nonsense every time he is on the air.