Buffalo Bills: A great quote about Josh Allen’s rookie year

(Photo by Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images)
(Photo by Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images) /

Buffalo Bills fans saw both good and bad from the rookie Josh Allen in 2018. Yet there are people who may already think he is a bust.

There were certainly mixed reactions when the Buffalo Bills drafted Josh Allen in the 2018 NFL Draft.

There were those who were optimistic about what the rookie could bring to Buffalo, and others who hated him so much as a prospect they couldn’t contain their rage (on Twitter and radio shows).

This was all before Allen appeared in a game for the team. Fast forward to now and it is clear that while Allen didn’t put up amazing stats in 2018, he is nowhere near being considered a bust.

Earlier today I saw this tweet from Sal Capaccio and the quote shared stood out to me as it did to him.

This is spot on analysis.

Allen was abruptly put into the starting role right away and he had very little talent around him on offense. He also had to serve as the team’s best option in the running game. Oh yeah, and he was a rookie.

Those bashing Allen seem to forget that it was his first year in the league. There are so many examples of star quarterbacks struggling as rookies. That is true for any athlete in any sport.

But that fact is ignored by those who just want to be right about Allen not being good. The only focus is on the negatives, while the positives are never mentioned by those who refuse to say Allen has a future in Buffalo.

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I’ve noticed this trend as I have covered the NFL the past few years. Opinions are formed during the draft process and some individuals can never be swayed on an opinion that really is irrelevant in the grand scheme of it all.