Buffalo Bills News: Fallout from the Week 1 loss

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The Buffalo Bills have a lot of corrections to make to move on from a terrible Week 1 outing. That and more in today’s Morning Charge.

Let’s all take a deep breath together. Now let it out with a loud scream.

Buffalo Bills fans were subjected to a terrible display of football on Sunday. Now all everyone can do is move on to Week 2.

The plan to sit Josh Allen lasted just over two quarters after Nathan Peterman failed to make it to the final whistle for the third time in three starts.

The defense completely crumbled and couldn’t stop Joe Flacco and the Baltimore offense. For those blaming the rain, the Ravens had to play in the same weather.

The running game couldn’t get going and I could go on with every position group. It was not fun to watch and there isn’t much of anything to build upon after this one. The only thing would be the players not wanting to feel this way again.

The focus is now on the home opener against the Los Angeles Chargers and fans want to know who will start at quarterback. But the problems surrounding the team span more than just that one position.

A look at that and more in this Monday edition of The Morning Charge.

Buffalo Bills News:

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And finally today, trying to find any sense of clarity heading into Week 2. Can Peterman actually be the starter once again?