Buffalo Bills: Finding words to describe the painful loss in Baltimore

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The Buffalo Bills were thoroughly embarrassed in the Week 1 loss to the Baltimore Ravens. It is hard to find any positive takeaways from this one.

Watching the Buffalo Bills get blown out is never fun. Seeing it happen in Week 1 after an optimistic offseason is even worse.

There is not much analysis to be had after the 47-3 loss to the Baltimore Ravens. Sean McDermott may want to “review the tape,” but the better option may be to burn it and start fresh next week.

The main story heading into this game was Nathan Peterman getting the start at quarterback. For those who saw his debut in 2017 as a sign of doom, what happened in Baltimore was expected.

Peterman finished 5/18 for 24 yards and two interceptions. He had just thrown an interception and the Ravens went up 40-0 early in the third quarter when he was pulled for the rookie, Josh Allen.

Allen didn’t do much better. However, he was in an extremely tough situation.

The quarterback play was obviously terrible but those two didn’t allow 47 points. Joe Flacco picked apart the Bills on a day when the rain should have made passing a difficult task. All three new Ravens receivers had touchdown receptions and this game was over before Bills fans knew what was going on.

So where does the team go from here?

This was only the first game of the season so while it may seem like the team is doomed, this could be chalked up to it being Week 1 and a game that can be moved on from next Sunday.

The problem is that such problems are hard to overcome.

This game brought into focus just how painful rebuilding can be. The Bills had a magical season to reach the postseason in 2017, but it was always a longer process toward being successful. I doubt Brandon Beane had Super Bowl expectations for the season.

But like I said, this was only Week 1.

The offense couldn’t get into any sort of rhythm and LeSean McCoy finished with only seven carries. That is not a winning formula. Then again, it is tough to keep running when the defense can’t stop the other team from scoring.

My prediction for next week is that Josh Allen gets the start. He was seemingly on the cusp of starting and was only put behind Peterman because he was the rookie. But now that Peterman has been pulled from two starts in what have been painful games for Bills fans to watch, I’m not sure how McDermott puts him back out there.

Beyond quarterback the Bills have to fix everything. That even includes the punting game.

The good news is that the Bills are heading home and will get a chance to play in front of the home crowd. Maybe a game that isn’t played during a torrential downpour will help the Bills. Or maybe not. Right now I’m just hoping for something positive after this disastrous opener.

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