Buffalo Bills: What lies ahead for AJ McCarron in 2018

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It is possible that AJ McCarron loses out on being the starting quarterback for the Buffalo Bills in 2018. What lies ahead for him if that is the case?

Coming off a week one preseason loss to the Carolina Panthers, there are a few topics worth pondering surrounding this 2018 Buffalo Bills team. One of those topics being: What to do with the quarterbacks.

It goes without saying that much of the Bills Mafia would like to see first-round selection Josh Allen in the pocket this year. The issue with that is, Allen still has much to learn. Though he had a very good outing against the Panthers, he showed some weakness in the checkdown game or making the smart read when passing.

Against the Panthers, Nathan Peterman was particularly good as he finished the game going 9/10 for 119 yards and a touchdown. AJ McCarron played to a similar level going 7/10 for 116 yards. This now leaves the Bills with two capable starting options, but the Bills seem to be pretty high on Peterman as of now.

This leaves the Bills with two options at quarterback: McCarron or Peterman.

Peterman has come a long way since his tire-fire-like debut against the Chargers. In a game where he threw five interceptions, most of the Buffalo media and fans would have counted him out. But Peterman has returned with a chip on his shoulder and has rewritten the narrative that was following him coming into this season.

And with that I say: Nathan Peterman may be the starting quarterback for the Buffalo Bills this season.

Now let’s say he does, where does that leave Josh Allen and AJ McCarron?

In a perfect world, Sean McDermott will leave Allen to limited playing time this year so the 22-year-old can adjust to NFL life. But where does that leave McCarron? This is now where the options for GM Brandon Beane begin.

McCarron has yet to get a true shot at a number one job. During his time in Cincinnati, he was under current starter Andy Dalton.

Coming into Buffalo, many would have pegged him as the starter, but with Peterman’s play and the rise of Josh Allen, do the Bills need him on the roster?

It is possible that teams such as the Tampa Bay Buccaneers or Washington Redskins are in the market for a quarterback. This could possibly put the Bills on a route for a possible trade helping to bolster weaker spots on the roster.

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Going against the Cleveland Browns this week, McCarron may be fighting for a playing role with the Bills this season. Facing off against former Bills quarterback Tyrod Tylor, the current Bills quarterbacks will be battling not just the Browns, but each other.