Buffalo Bills: Josh Allen’s contract situation will be a top storyline in June

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June will be another slow month for the Buffalo Bills, but one storyline to watch is how long it takes for Josh Allen to sign his rookie contract.

I wrote an article on Wednesday talking about the fact the Buffalo Bills signed rookie Harrison Phillips, leaving Josh Allen as the lone unsigned individual from the 2018 Bills draft class.

My take on the matter is that there is no need to worry about his contract situation until we get closer to training camp. But I know others may get antsy between now and then.

June will be another slow month for the Bills. OTAs have been going on, but the real excitement begins with training camp and the preseason. The slow news cycle allows for minor storylines to become big ones. That is going to happen with Allen until he signs his deal.

I find news like this humorous because some fans may get real angry about Allen not signing. I have seen it in the past with other teams and this time of year never fails to produce the hot takes on Twitter.

Being a sports fan inherently involves getting all worked up about an issue that may fade away and become obsolete at any given moment. So while I think it is pointless to expend any energy worrying about Allen signing before training camp actually begins, I know why it happens.

Hopefully this remains one of the only storylines fans have to worry about in June. Bills fans don’t need any more off-the-field news to worry about. The Zay Jones situation earlier this year seemed to signal a wild year, but even that got cleared up quietly and professionally.

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It is odd to see Allen take this long to sign, but the fact the team just signed Phillips shows that there doesn’t seem to be any urgency right now. Plus, Allen isn’t the only rookie who still has to sign a deal.