2018 NFL Mock Draft: Buffalo Bills trade it all for a top quarterback

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53. . Quarterback. Wyoming. Josh Allen. 1. player

This pick was once laughed at, but now it looks to be for real.

Darnold used to be the name at the top, but it now looks like Allen will be the pick. Allen has become a hot commodity because of his size, mobility and rifle of an arm. He is being compared to Cam Newton, but I don’€™t see that. Cam was more accurate and a better runner.

Cleveland will fall in love with his physical traits and pull the ultimate Cleveland Browns move and take the wrong quarterback. (Justin)

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Quarterback. USC. Sam Darnold. 2. player. 16. <strong>TRADE</strong> <p>Bills trade No. 12, No. 22, No. 53, No. 96, 2019 2<sup>nd</sup>, and 2020 3<sup>rd</sup> to New York for No. 2</p>

We’€™re talking a blockbuster here, and not the store.

I have never really thought about Sam Darnold to the Bills until this past week, due in large part to I always thought that the Browns would take him at No. 1. With reports coming out this week that the No. 2 pick is back on the block and the Bills had a workout with Darnold, this makes sense.

It appears that Darnold is absolutely everything that the Bills want in a quarterback. Production, size, strength, experience, plays on the big stage, character, personality and mindset. If Sean McDermott was a quarterback, he would most likely be Sam Darnold.

I like Darnold, but he isn’€™t my favorite quarterback in this class. However, with the information presented this week, I believe this could happen and is certainly an option the Bills will explore and do their homework on. (Stephen)

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. Quarterback. Oklahoma. Baker Mayfield. 3. player. 30

Baker in the Big Apple may be too good to pass up. Ownership will want to make a splash and steal headlines and this selection would do just that.

Although Rosen is my top quarterback, I think Mayfield fits the mold of what they are to accomplish. The signing of McCown and Bridgewater will allow Mayfield to mature from the sideline.

Giving him a year to breathe and grow up would be the best-case scenario for Mayfield. (Justin)

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