Buffalo Bills: Polling fans on the rookie quarterbacks

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The Buffalo Bills have the draft capital to move up and select a top quarterback, but the top option for the team remains up for debate.

We are just over one month away from when the Buffalo Bills have a potentially franchise-altering decision to make.

Bills fans are all talking about the next franchise quarterback, and whether that individual will be brought to town this April. It may depend on whether or not Brandon Beane makes a big trade up, but someone could still be taken at No. 12 overall.

If the Bills do trade up, they may have their pick of some of the top prospects. To gauge who fans like, it was time for a poll.

To be clear, these four aren’t the only options available. The problem is that Twitter polls only allow for four choices, so we had our take on Lamar Jackson here.

The Baker Mayfield hype is real in Buffalo, and he could be the likely option if the Bills move up to No. 2 or No. 4 overall.

Fans weighed in with some other answers as well.

The above answer from Frank doesn’t seem to be too likely after the team decided to go with AJ McCarron over the other available options. However, the following answer from Brian is a choice that may not be the most popular, but it is still in play.

And my personal favorite answer:

Whether the Bills trade up or not, there is no reason to pass up on a quarterback in the first round. AJ McCarron and Nathan Peterman aren’t the future, and the fact the team didn’t go after a more experienced free agent seems to point toward drafting a rookie.

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So what do you think? Are any of the four quarterbacks in our poll the next big thing in Buffalo? Or should the team wait and utilize the draft picks on other positions?