New York Jets @ Buffalo Bills: 3 Bold Predictions


The season is finally here, the Buffalo Bills open up with a home game against the New York Jets.

Although most are predicting a poor season for the Buffalo Bills, nobody expects us to lose this game.  Here are my three bold predictions for the game:

Shady to run for 200 yards

This is bordering on not even being that bold considering how poor the Jets are expected to be. However, LeSean McCoy has only run for 200 yards once before, against the Detroit Lions for the Eagles in the snow. Whether it’s Tyrod or Peterman as QB1 for the Bills, they aren’t going to want to throw the ball and they shouldn’t have to. This would give Shady an excellent start to the season on his quest for 10,000 rushing yards; his total currently stands at 8,954.

Tre’Davious White To make two interceptions

The New York Jets are going to be bad; we know this. With Josh McCown at the helm, we know there’s going to be poor throws and turnovers to be had. If the game goes how it should, they’ll be chasing the game, and I can see them getting desperate, to the advantage of Tre White. Although White wasn’t the pick everyone wanted, he’s a top quality corner, and he should have a good if not special day against the Jets.

The Jets to score zero touchdowns

I’m expecting a big year from the Buffalo Bills’ defense this year, and that will be the reason why we win more games than we’re expected to. Think of the 2014 Bills, the offense was terrible, but the defense won us games, it’ll be similar this year. It obviously helps that it’s the Jets who are visiting New Era Field, they are without doubt the worst team in the league. If they score a touchdown, I will be seriously disappointed.

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Let us know what your bold predictions for the first game of the season are in the comments!