Buffalo Bills: Tre’Davious White 2017 training camp notes

PHILADELPHIA, PA - APRIL 27: Tre'Davious White of LSU visits the SiriusXM NFL Radio talkshow after being picked
PHILADELPHIA, PA - APRIL 27: Tre'Davious White of LSU visits the SiriusXM NFL Radio talkshow after being picked /

The Buffalo Bills’ first round pick, Tre’Davious White, has mountainous expectations this season. Will he meet them? Recent news says yes.

The Bills have recently been testing Tre’Davious White’s versatility at safety, reports billswire.com. The Buffalo Bills selected White in the first round as a corner, and that is where the team needs him. Stephon Gilmore is now a New England Patriot, and the Bills’ cornerback depth chart is barren. Safety is an area where the team is more solid, but the best players must play.

I am sure that the team is running Tre White as a safety just in certain packages to see how he reacts. You have to test a new player in any way possible because of how unpredictable any situation in a game can be. The game is faster than ever, and I applaud Sean McDermott for using this strategy.

A thing worth noting is that the report mentioned how well he was doing at safety. It is so valuable to have a player on the back end that can play in any position.

The Buffalo Bills found something special in White. Coaches always mention how a player will stick around longer if they’re more versatile. That could include playing multiple positions on the field, or even special teams.

Tre’Davious White comes into the league at 5’11”, 192 lbs. He ran a 4.47 40-yard dash at the combine, and his 6.90 second 3-cone drill won’t hurt either. White excelled at the combine, and now it is showing in training camp.

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Sammy Watkins commented on how going against Tre’Davious White is making him a better player each day.

From billswire.com:

"“He’s pretty good. Everybody’s probably looking at him, like, ‘oh wow we drafted him first round,’ now I see why the coaches and the staff drafted him. He’s a game-time player and he’s going to get better and I’m going to get better going against him.”"

Iron sharpens iron.

The Buffalo Bills team has rallied around Tre’Davious White. The defense needs a leader in the secondary, and it is positive to see White claiming that role.

Sammy Watkins has quite the resume for only being in the league for three years. He is dripping with upside and is one of the most explosive receivers in the league. For Watkins to compliment White in this fashion, must mean that he is succeeding.

I assumed that White would greatly benefit from his match-up against Watkins every day, but I was shocked to hear that Sammy was profiting as well.

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Tre’Davious White has been good ,and he is doing it with his hands, not his voice.

White is a professional who you can trust on and off the field. That goes a long way in this day and age, with so many players finding themselves in trouble so often. Tre’Davious White earned the number 18 jersey during his stint at LSU. That number is reserved for distinguished players who exude respect and leadership.

BuffaloBills.com interviewed White on the topic of trash talk:

"“I just don’t do it. I’ve never been that guy to talk trash,” White said. “I just want to play. I really love the game of football and I love competing. That doesn’t come with talking for me. I just want to play.”"

White was then informed that other players will attempt to provoke their opponents during the game.

"“Yeah. I’m going to keep that same game face mode. So, if a guy catches a 20-yard explosive play on me then I’m going to have the same facial expression as I did If the guy catches a 20-yard pass on me or if I get an interception. I’m going to have the same facial expression so he’ll never know what I’m thinking or how I’m feeling. I’ll never show it.” said White."

It is so crucial that a rookie keeps his composure at the first sign of distress. An NFL game is so much faster than a collegiate football game. Sometimes a younger player will implode and let their emotions get the best of them. If Tre’Davious White has positive body-language during the game, it will go a long way, especially with his teammates.

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