Buffalo Bills: Would McDermott react to National Anthem protests?

ATLANTA, GA - DECEMBER 18: Colin Kaepernick
ATLANTA, GA - DECEMBER 18: Colin Kaepernick /

National Anthem protests have been the talk of the nation in the past year. If any Buffalo Bills’ players were to do it, how should coach Sean McDermott react?

In a word, nothing! Why? Because simply by taking a knee during our nation’s anthem on the sideline of a football game is not breaking an NFL rule or a law in the United States of America. Unless McDermott has some team or there’s an organizational rule enforced by Terry and Kim Pegula. There’s nothing that should be done either.

The U.S. Navy has the authorization to burn the American flag

Yes, you read that correctly. If at any point the American flag touches the decks of a U.S. Ship. Sailors onboard have permission to burn that particular flag. I know this because I am a post 9/11 U.S. Navy veteran.

What do a lot of people do during the Anthem in the stand?

Most people find this time to be a great time to use the restroom and or stand in line to buy alcohol. So who is really being disrespectful? The problem is the American people, for the most part, have been conditioned to overreact to things that are silly and or at the end of the day do not matter to our daily lives. Think of car chases on the news. A lot of us will even call our extended family./ We call them to demand they turn their televisions to whatever news channel. Why? To watch some guy in a high-speed chase. All of us have seen at least one of these. If you have seen one you have seen them all. Why? Well, they all end pretty much the same. At the end of the day, does any of these car chases change a thing in our lives? No. Yet we are almost obsessed with watching them to the end. It’s really silly.

The reason for this article

Former Bills running back now Oakland Raiders running back Marshawn Lynch sat on the bench during the anthem during the Raiders first preseason game. Former Bills defensive back now plays for the Philadelphia Eagles Ron Brooks also took a knee in protest. Honestly, it does not matter why they are protesting. What matters is that they are simply using their first amendment rights to protest as sports figures as they are seen. If anyone in the media wants to know why either of these players is protesting. All they have to do is ask them. For all we know in the case of them taking a knee. They could be doing so in a show of mourning for those who have died for our freedoms. My point is, none of us truly know what’s in their hearts as to why they are taking a knee.

Food for thought on this subject

While I was in college my political science professor put our class through a little test of sorts. He gave us the following scenario. Then he gave us four options to pick from as to what we believe we would do and how we might react. One afternoon you are walking your dog in your neighborhood. You see a man in his yard with a fence in front of it. You notice he is burning an American flag. Do you 1.) jump his fence and beat him up to stop him? 2.) Stand there, yell, cuss and scream at him until he hopefully stops. 3.) Call the police and report to them that a man is burning an American flag on his property. Or 4.) Do you simply shake your head in peaceful disagree and continue to walk your dog?
Well if you picked option one, you are breaking a few laws. You’d be trespassing and be committing assault and battery. If you did option two, you would confirm what perhaps many of your neighbors already suspected about you, that you are indeed an idiot! If you did option three, you would be guilty of making a false police report, which might get you into trouble. So that leaves us to option four. Which is the only one you could do.

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So what it comes down to are a few things. Emotions do not and never will trump laws. Self-control is a virtue. Lastly, ignorance is never bliss for any of us.